LUXURY VILLA D., Dalian, P.R. China 
Villa The villa is located next to one of the top luxury hotel real estate developments of Dalian. This luxury villa is set into an natural beauty spot, surrounded from old trees and sea view. The aim is create a place of privacy combined with advantage of services of the neighboring hotel. After entering the front gate a inner courtyard will welcome the guests. Covered by a big slab it is protecting the privacy and framing the view. The slab is dividing the entertaining functions on the first floor like wellness area, karaoke, table tennis and wine tasting from the more private functions of the upper floors like dinning, living, study and bed rooms. The functions on the upper floors are arranged like separate pavilions on a plate around a central atrium. The terrace on the upper floor is subdivided by the pavilions and creating private gardens. The outline of the roof is following the shape of the hills, topped by the master bedroom on 4th floor to provide an undisturbed view.
Functions: services and amenities Access: Instead of a dark underground parking garage the cars are displayed behind glass doors and facing the inner courtyard. The parking garage is directly connected with the entrance hall. Entrance hall: A sculptural stair case is connecting the ground floor with the upper floors. Wine tasting, karaoke, table tennis and wellness area have direct access from entrance hall. Spa / wellness area: A spacious wellness area is equipment with all kind of treatments, including sauna, hot spring bath, massage,  indoor and outdoor pools.
Dinning room: The dinning hall is designed like a pavilion, directly connected with its surrounding nature and private terraces . The dinning hall is located directly above the wine cellar - wine shelfs can be automatically lifted from cellar to dining area. The kitchen is connected with a tunnel to the hotel to serve dishes from hotel restaurants. Living room / study room: The living and study room are designed as separate pavilions like the dining room. The shaped roof with sky lights is differentiating the space and providing optimal conditions for displaying art.  
Master bed room / guest bed rooms: The bedrooms are combined in one pavilion. Every bedroom is located on one single floor to keep the privacy. All floors are connected by an elevator.